What area in my home or office do you set up in?
I can set up almost anywhere! I need adequate lighting, two electrical outlets, and an area to fit my 6-foot pop-up tent.

How does airbrush tanning work to make your skin tan?
The active ingredient in airbrush tans is D.H.A., short for dihydroxyacetone. The D.H.A. in the solution reacts with your skin’s amino acids. This reaction causes the proteins in the outside layer of the skin to react with the oxygen in the air, and this results in the bronzing effect of the tan. The best analogy is when you take a bite of an apple and set it down, the fruit begins to turn brown after being exposed to air for some time. So airbrush tanning works not by the solution simply being painted on but rather by your skin developing a natural bronze color on its own through natural chemical enhancement. 
Will my airbrush tan protect me from the sun? 
NO. Always wear sunscreen because there is no SPF in the airbrush tanning solution. Lotion-based sunscreens that do not contain alcohol or mineral oil are best.
Are airbrush tans safe when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding? Yes! The Wrightsville Glow solution is safe for both. If you’re getting an airbrush tan while nursing, I recommend wearing a swimsuit top, or I can provide nipple pasties to prevent solution from getting on the areola. After the first rinse, you are free to nurse as normal. 
How soon can I work out after my tan?
I recommend waiting 24 hours after your tan to work out. Avoid sweating altogether while your tan is still developing. 
How long will my tan last? The life of your tan depends on aftercare. Your tan will last an average of seven days, and, with diligent aftercare, it can last up to 10. See Aftercare Recommendations for more information on how to care for your tan.
What do I wear during the application process? 
My most important priority is that you feel comfortable during your tan. You can dress down to your comfort level. Most clients prefer to go fully nude to avoid tan lines. But I have disposable underwear and nipple pasties that I can provide if that works best for you. Black cotton underwear works as well. 
Cancellation policy
Life happens! If you need to cancel your appointment, please let me know as soon as you can so anyone of the waiting list might be able to use your designated time. Thank you!
What if there is an issue with my tan? If there is an issue with your tan, please call me as soon as possible. There may be a solution (pun intended) to correct it at home. If not, I will do my best to make it right!
What are the ingredients in your tan? 
The products I carry are PETA- and FDA-approved, cruelty-free, and 100% vegan. No spray tan solution is 100% organic despite other companies’ claims. But I use products from health-conscious companies that source as many natural and organic ingredients as they can. The spray tan solution at Wrightsville Glow not only provides amazing color but also doubles as a skin treatment with anti-aging ingredients and antioxidants in all color solutions.
What will remove my tan? 
Chlorinated pools and hot tubs, oils, non-natural soaps, waxing, and exfoliation will remove your tan quicker than recommended aftercare. If you’re going on vacation, I recommend limiting your time in hot tubs and pools to keep your tan. If you’re intentionally trying to remove your tan, you can make a paste of baking soda, coconut oil, and lemon juice to use as an exfoliant in the shower. 
Will I turn orange? This is the most common question in the airbrush tanning biz! As formulas for airbrush tanning have advanced, it is extremely uncommon to turn orange. As the technician, I will start every appointment with a consultation about your skin tone and desired level of darkness. I tend to go lighter on first-time clients and build up the level of darkness from there. Additionally, it is very important that you rinse at the recommended times to any avoid discoloration of your tan. 
What is the difference between the original eight-hour solution and the rapid-tan solution? 
The first rinse for the rapid solution can be within one to four hours. This option is perfect for busy lives and hectic schedules or if you do not want to sleep in your tan while it develops. This is my favorite option. With less time before the first rinse, the risk decreases for messing up your airbrush tan. It is also easier to customize your level of darkness with the Wrightsville Glow rapid tan:
• 2 hours to rinse = very light
• 3 hours to rinse = light/medium
• 4 hours to rinse = medium/dark.

The eight-hour solution is typically best for a late appointment where you plan on sleeping in your tan while it develops. Just make sure to use dark sheets or blankets the night of your tan.