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Appointment Preparation

When it is time for your appointment, you must have no oils, lotions, or deodorant on your skin. Fully clean and dry your skin for optimal application.
• Manicures and pedicures need to be done BEFORE your tan.
• Wax at least 48 hours before your appointment.
• Shave 24 hours before your appointment. (Solution can seep into pores if they are not closed all the way after shaving.)
• Exfoliate 24 hours before your appointment. (My personal favorite is a dry brush or exfoliating glove, but any type of exfoliant will work.)
• Avoid products with oil the 24 hours before your tan. 
• Shower the day of your appointment, ending your shower with a cold rinse to ensure all pores are closed. Be sure your skin is fully dry for your appointment.

Airbrush Prep Recommendations: 

After your tan is applied, wear loose-fitting dark clothing until after your first rinse.

Be sure to rinse at the recommended time. Then wait at least 12 hours or as long as possible for the first shower for optimal results. If your tan looks light after the first rinse, don’t worry! The tan will continue to develop 24 hours after application for the rapid tan and 12 hours for the original solution.

Daily soaps and washes will also affect the longevity of a spray tan. It is best to use water-based, oil-free products. Soaps and washes with harsh ingredients and a large percentage of sulfates will slowly strip the tan, diminishing its lifespan. 

Apply a daily moisturizer once or twice per day.
Wait to shave 24 hours after your tanning application. Use a new razor—and ditch the shaving cream! Conditioner works best.

Forms of exfoliation such as scrubs, chemical peels, and shaving will remove a tan. Minimize use of these products as much as possible. 

Most importantly, enjoy your Wrightsville Glow tan!

Aftercare Recommendations:

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